Ade Sanda

Ade began his career in Investment Banking and Business Change and over a 12 year period eventually achieved the position of Programme Lead Business Analyst for a global project worth over £1bn in budget.

He has started a number of successful businesses and also sold businesses. He is a leader in the field of business process, systemisation and automation. He is an expert in taking best practices adopted by large multinationals and applying these methods to SME businesses. His philosophy is that all business owners should value their time more and aim to develop their business to run without them. He is an expert at solving problems using new processes, systems and technology and gets real satisfaction from helping other people, through the development of well designed, scalable and easy to use systems. He had implemented small and medium to massive projects for his clients delivering savings from a few thousand to many millions of pounds. He is a problem solver at heart and loves to be challenged.Edit

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